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CASE NUMBER CITY OF ALAMEDA RENT REVIEW ADVISORY COMMITTEE 510 747-4316 510 522-7538 TDD FAX 510 864-0879 RENTAL INCREASE COMPLAINT th PLEASE RETURN BY THE 15 OF THE MONTH TO ENSURE THAT CASE CAN BE HEARD AT THE NEXT MEETING. OWNER AND MANAGER WILL RECEIVE MEETING NOTICE AND COPY OF FORM. Renter s Name Address How long at above address 4. Phone H Lease Month-to-Month RENTAL HISTORY A. B. C. D. DATES Month Year Effective date of new rent Present rent From Date to Former rent From Date to W...
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Hey whats up guys it is Justin here back and I'm bringing a video just a small little complaint about NHL 15 hut and I need your guys to support for this video so if you guys don't you know I'm right now putting up a PK subban on screen you can see how absolutely slow the starting price is going up by already waited seven minutes just to put up this car on stream and I already talked to the cat and they wanted me to put up this video but all you have to do just post this on twitter tweet it out once this video goes up it will go up and you guys will be able to see it but this will be directed to at EA sports NHL just to make this part faster because it takes so long to put up a card and when there's going to be 500 600 thousand players when they're worth a lot it's going to be a hassle to put up especially if it's going to take 20-30 minutes so anyways if you do support this video leave it a like that is the best thing you can do also if you want to you can tweet it out on Twitter and at maybe eSports will change it up and make this a bit faster right at least double the speed I'm hoping because this is ridiculously slow anyways that's just about it hope you guys enjoyed leave it a like once again I'll see you guys later fine like our